These dog teams have earned special awards for 2020. If you are the owner of an amazing dog who has earned one of these specialty awards, please let us know so we can cheer you on with a note in this section.  

Congratulations to Rally Nationals 2020 Qualifiers
Elise Wolpert and Pickles - Intermediate
Deborah Vassar and Camille - Intermediate
Alexis Wallace and Cali - Excellent
Janet Roe and Kira - Novice
Kathy Agan and Gracie - Excellent
Laurel Hughes and Quest - Excellent
Elise Wolpert and Troy - Novice

Congratulations to Rally Nationals 2021 Qualifiers
Merry Zakrzewski and Dorie

Congratulations on Qualifying for Agility Nationals in 2021
Jeri Frye and Reason
Merry Zakrzewski and Splash
Shelley Geyer and Hope
Gina Hampton and Petey

Congratulations to Shelley Geyer and Hope 
for Qualifying for 2020 AKC European Team Tryouts

Congratulations to Karen Cooper and Baker
for Qualifying for Conformation Top Ten Invitational at UKC Premier

​Congratulation to Karen Cooper and Justin
2019 Winners of MAMASC Overall Award of Excellence and Overall Versatility

Congratulations to 2019 Front & Finish Top 10
Alexis Wallace and Cali finished as #6 MAS in Combined Rally
Janet Roe and Kira #1 MAS in Rally Novice
Janet Roe and Kira #4 in All Herding Breed for Rally Novice
Janet Roe and Kira #7 of all Breeds for Rally Novice
Karen Bailey Cooper and Justin #6 MAS in Rally Novice
Sandy Walroth and Garrett #7 MAS in Rally Intermediate

Congratulations to Delaney Obedience 2019 Champs
Jo Tucker and Newman #4 MAS
Jo Tucker and Oscar #8 MAS (tie) 
Cheryl Warren and Capt'n Kirk #8 MAS (tie)

Congratulations to Bad Dog Agility 2020 1,2,3 Quarter Honorees
Sandra Vanni and Shammie 3rd Place in 16" Preferred 
Shelley Geyer and Hope 2nd Place in 8" Preferred

Congratulations to Nadd/AKC Diving Dog Regionals/Nationals
Karen Bailey Cooper and Justin (Senior Excellent)
Laurel Hughes and Quest (Novice Excellent)
Karen Bailey Cooper and Baker (Senior Excellent)
Tami Dettinger and Holly (Senior Excellent 2)
Shelley Geyer and Hope (Masters Advanced) and Qualifier Trial
Letitia Odom and Lolly in Distance Jump & Air Retrieve by Qualifier Trial
Mercedes Osolin and Firenze #1 in Jr. Division with 14.11
Elise Wolpert and Troy (Junior)

Congratulations to Letitia Odom and Lolly
2nd Place, Distance Jump, Senior Lap Dog, NADD S. Central Regionals
And Qualified for 2021 Nadd/AKC Diving Dog Nationals

Congratulations to Sheila and Gary Hoskins and Cane
Qualified for Novice Owner/Handler Series Finals for 2020 

Welcome to the Official Website of the 
Mid America Miniature American Shepherd Club

MAMASC was formed in 2008 by a group of Miniature Australian Shepherd enthusiasts.  Now, with the move to AKC, we are very excited to have the dogs recognized by AKC as Miniature American Shepherds. As of July 1st 2015 our dogs made the move into the Herding Group with AKC.  We will be promoting the Miniature American Shepherds and supporting our parent club throughout the USA and Mid America!

MAMASC is active in hosting 2 herding trials, 2 agility trials and 2 Farm Dog Certification Trials per year currently. Members are encouraged to participate in the planning, execution, and participation in these trials. MAMASC has been the coordinator and benefactor in National Goodwill Ambassador Awards. It also sponsors the herding trials at MASCUSA Nationals. Awards are given each year to dog and handler teams who participate in AKC and Non-AKC activities.  Our Team Activity page highlights each team submitting information on their activities, awards and titles.  To see Special Recognition, continued to scroll down this page.

MAMASC is an affiliate club of MASCUSA, our parent club in AKC. 
New Members 2020: 
Beryl Billingsley
Lauren Brown
Tami Dettinger
Tammy Flaga
Jerry Isaacs
Matthew Towne
Jodi Stevenson
Karen Pence
Kimberly Poisson
Teresa Macorke
Gary Hoskins
Janet Roe
Sandy Walroth

Wecome back to returning members:
Kathy Agan​