Top Five Rules
TOP FIVE for 2018 Year End Awards Guidelines
 All AKC Venues 
Guidelines (As of January 1, 2018) This is brief summation of the guidelines. More information can be found here           
Year End Awards for Top Five Performance in all AKC venues & AKC Conformation: 
Title/point system will be used for the Top Five for year-end calculations for each venue.  We simply have a top five; we don’t have a race for points but just a huge brag for being a top five dog! These awards and levels can change during the year as determined necessary by the MAMASC board. All dogs (excluding Juniors and Conformation) MUST be handled by their MAMASC owners! 

Venue Calculation Basic Guide:
Agility: Titles for Standard and JWW runs will be used. There are six levels in both Standard and JWW classes:  ACT 1 & 2Novice, Open,  Preferred, Excellent/Master and Premier. There will be an award given to each team who earns a spot in the top five. 
Herding: There are two levels for herding. - Tested (highest earned certificate) and Herding Trialed.
Obedience: There are three levels for Obedience: Novice, Open and Utility.  Awarded for titles earned.
Rally: There are five levels for Rally: Novice A&B, Intermediate A&B, Advanced A&B, Excellent A&B, Advanced/Excellent and Masters. Awarded for titles earned.
Disc Dog: There is one level for Disc Dog. Top Five will be determined by highest title.
Barn Hunt/Tracking: There is one level for Barn Hunt/ Tracking which will be determined by highest title.
Flyball: There is one level for Flyball which will be determined by highest title.
Dock Diving: There are three levels; Novice, Advance and Excellent for Dock Diving and will be determined by highest title then number of jumps in the two highest categories.
Junior/Pee Wee: This is an award for Top Five Junior exhibitors ONLY. All Juniors (9-18) and PeeWee participants (5-9) who are members of MAMASC will receive recognition determined by their participation in AKC events. Juniors MUST be active in dog activities and handle at least one Miniature American Shepherd during the year.
Conformation: There are five levels in Conformation: Beginner Puppy working toward CM, Non CH working toward AKC CH, Champion level with less that 52 shows per year and Champion level with more than 52 shows per year and Owner Handler.
Coursing Ability: There are two levels for Coursing Ability (which will be determined by highest title then runs) and FAST CAT (which will be determined by highest title then highest number of points.
Puppy Antics: All puppies from 4- 9 months are welcome to enter this category. Will be awarded based on the number of awards earned!
Therapy/Service Dog/CGC/TK/FDCThere are four levels: CGC/CGCA, Therapy/Service Dog, Trick Dog and Farm Dog. See 2018 Guidelines for more information.
Scent Work: There is one level in Scent Work which will be determined by highest title. 
Click each venue to go to that venues page! All dogs/teams participating in that event will be listed and the final Top Five will be calculated near the end of the year for awards!  (Not currently being tracked 6/20/18)