MAMASC (Mid America Miniature American Shepherd Club) Goals are:

To encourage and promote the breeding of purebred Miniature American Shepherds in such a manner as to bring their natural qualities to the highest degree attainable. It shall strive to educate and assist all owners of the breed to improve their knowledge of the breed and its history.

To protect and advance the interest of the Miniature American Shepherd and to encourage ethical breeding practices and sportsmanlike competition at all dog shows, trials, and other events.

To conduct Conformation shows, Agility Trials, Rally Trials, Obedience trials, Tracking tests, Herding Trials and/or other events under the rules and regulations of MASCUSA and AKC.
For By Laws, Code Of Ethics and Board Meeting Details 
Please vistit our yahoo group !

Join our Yahoo group today!     http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/mamasc/

We are also on Facebook at :    https://www.facebook.com/groups/mamasc/      

Updated Bylaws will be ready as soon as possible, we are waiting for the proper recommendations from MASCUSA since we are now an affiliate of an AKC parent club.

Annual Membership is only $10.00 and $15.00 for family

Two and Three year memberships are also available!
The three year membership is discounted by $5.00

Membership is from January 1st to December 31st. 
Please remember that renewals are due by January 31st of each new year.

Membership Dues:  

One family member:  $10.00/year           $20/2years          $25/3 years 

Family membership (2 adults):  $15.00/year    Family  $30/2years     Family $40/3 years 

Juniors (under 18) $5.00/year – non voting membership  

Each additional family member: $5.00/year

Download and mail in the membership application.

Enclose check or money order payable in US dollars to: MAMASC (A $25.00 fee will be charged for returned checks). 

Please mail this completed form and dues to:

27560 East 77th Street
Broken Arrow, OK 74014


Or, if you prefer pay using PayPal send to our PayPal address: mamasc@windstream.net (Please add 3% to your dues amount.)

2016- 2017
President:  Karen Bailey Cooper
Vice President:   Leslie Peckham
Secretary:  Barbara Jeleski
Treasurer:  Mindy Stevenson
Affiliate Rep:  Cheryl Warren
Directors at large: Marles Bradley, Cynthia Duggan, Laurie Morris Witt
Advisory: Gloria Cross
     Current Board Members 2016-2017
Your membership to Mid America makes you eligible for  
Year End Awards 
& Lifetime Achievement Awards.  

Scroll down page for all the perks for being a Mid America member!

Mid America Club Awards and Perks

Awards will be certificates but may also include other types of awards at the discretion of the Board! Members MUST be current as of January 31st to be eligible for awards.

Year End Awards for Top Five Performance in all AKC venues & Conformation (we are in the process of updating our awards program- please continue to submit your information within a month of the event(s) you would like to have considered in the awards program)

Point and level system will be used for the Top Five for yearend calculations for each AKC only venue.  We simply have a top five; we don’t have a race for points but just a huge brag for being a top five dog! Go to the Top Five Rules page to see more information on how your team can be added to the top five categories!

Yearly Versatility Awards (we are in the process of updating our awards program- please continue to submit your information within a month of the event(s) you would like to have considered in the awards program)
All dogs will have their names and information on the website under the qualifying category! Yearly Versatility Awards will be a beautiful plaque or yearly updated plate with a link to your web page! (MAMASC reserves the right to limit the amount of time and information displayed on these pages but guarantee at least one year as long as the site is up and running.) All events (including AKC and non-AKC) qualify for the Yearly Versatility Award. Other prizes may also be awarded (to be determined by MAMASC Board).  See the Versatility Award page for information on how your team can be added to this site!



President: Gloria Cross
Vice President: Leslie Peckham
Secretary: Karen Cooper
Treasurer: Mindy Stevenson
Affiliate Rep: Cheryl Warren
Directors at large: Kathy Agan, Cindy Hurwitz, Sheila Smith Hoskins

President:    Mindy Stevenson
Vice President:   Karen Oldfather
Treasurer:    Traci Phillips/Mindy Stevenson
Secretary:    Patricia Davis/Julie Voge
Affiliate Representative:    Jeanie McAdams
Board Members: Julie Voge - Linda Perry - Julie Causey

President: Traci Phillips 
Vice President: Karen Oldfather
Secretary: Patricia Davis/Leann Fenton
Treasurer: Mindy Stevenson
Affiliate Rep: Jeanie McAdams  
Board Officers: Julie Voge – Linda Perry – Julie Causey

President: Traci Phillips and Vickie Bratcher 
Vice President: Kathy Agan and Traci Phillips
Secretary: Heather Glidewell 
Treasurer: Mindy Stevenson  
Affiliate Rep: Kim Dostie  
Board Officers: Jan Sears – Linda Perry – Karen Oldfather
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